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Microblade & Shade basic training for 6 months through the PhiAcademys CraftMaster App + full support with Tesla Gold. This catagroy is for online only and does not include the live workshop. If you begin the online course and want to add on the live workshop course later, you can at anytime and pay the difference. Please contact Tesla Gold if you desire to add on that course later.

PhiShading Standard (Microblading & Shading)

SKU: Online Kit
Color: Black
  • ONLINE TRAINING includes:

    This online training is perfectly designed for beginners or one who already has the skill but wants to learn the PhiAcadmey method. This training gives you 6 months of online support with Master Tesla Gold's mentorship plus the Premium kit.

    Once the payment is cleared, the kit is shipped to you.

    Tesla Gold has this course available in English only.

Contact Master Tesla Gold


Thanks for questions, please allow up to 48 hours for reply.

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