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Microblade & Shade basic training for 6 months through the PhiAcademys CraftMaster App + 2 day live course with Tesla Gold. This course is specially designed for beginners and those who have experience but would like to expand their knowledge and learn the Phiacademy's technique. 



*Contact Tesla Gold for the date that you would like to choose.*

February 22nd/23rd

April 29th/30th

May 28th/29th

July 30th/31st

October 11th/12th



$3,600.00 usd
Payment due now is only the deposit of $650. After you have completed this payment your remaining balance will be $2,950.00 + processing fee of 3% ($3,038.50) IF PAID WITH CARD.
By making this payment you are agreeing to the payment policy listed on below.

By making this payment you are also giving up the right to
dispute this charge as an unauthorized charge.

Your remaining balance will be due 1 week before the class start date when paying with card or the
day of the class when paying with cash.
Deposit Is Required To Secure Your Seat At The Course! 


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  • LIVE TRAINING includes:

    -A two day intensive live training

    -Premium starter kit products 50-80 treatments 

    -1 on 1 demonstration on live model from instructor

    -6 months of support and continued training through CraftMaster

    (Craftmaster app is a learning system where you’ll have access to detailed lectures and more than 12 hours of video, this is how we will communicate and where you’ll send your homework and get feedback/mentoring from me until you get certified. If you get certified before 6 months, for the remaining time you will continue to have access to everything including my mentoring.)

    If one does not graduate withing the 6 month period, you may extend the course monthly and pay a fee per month.

    Being a manual skill, microblading requires a certain amount of time spent practicing.

    This online training is perfectly designed for beginners or one who already has the skill but wants to learn the PhiAcadmey method. This training gives you 6 months of online support with Master Tesla Gold's mentorship plus the Premium kit.

    Tesla Gold has this course available in English only.

Contact Master Tesla Gold


Thanks for questions, please allow up to 48 hours for reply.

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